Hydroponics at Highlands 2016


Highlands Elementary
Hydroponic Lettuce


Hi, Parents!
Our students are participating in the Help Us Grow (HUG)Hydroponic Garden program. HUG is an awesome way to integrate core
educational subjects such as science, technology and math in an exciting
and engaging hands-on learning experience for your students, while providing a self-sustaining fundraiser for your school.

The HUG School gardens can make a real difference to children's health. They can:

Give children nutrient-rich fruit and vegetables which are lacking in their diet;

Show children how to grow, prepare and eat them;

Encourage families to grow them too;

Help children to understand what makes a good diet;

Help children to like nutritious home-grown food;

Show children the link between what they grow, what they eat and how they feel.


Here's how it works: 

1) Students will be given seeds to plant in their own rock wool square. Once planted, the seeds will be placed under ultraviolet grow lights for about two weeks so they can germinate and produce a seedling. Students in the extra-curricular HUG Club will monitor, measure, water and care for their seedlings.

2) Once the seedlings reach maturity, students will then transport their seedling into the designated channel, so it has space, nutrients and sunshine to grow. Everyday students in the HUG Club will check the ph, H2O temp, nutrient level and watch its growth over a four week process as it develops into a full head of lettuce. Information will be uploaded to the website by the students in the HUG Club so that we can track and monitor your lettuce crop and make adjustments when needed.

3) Once the lettuce is mature and ready to harvest, it will be sent home with the students' families to enjoy.


Check us out Online: facebook.com/growv4cxe          twitter.com/growv4cxe            

Contact: Wes Foster         Mobile: 614.348.8869      email: wes@v4cxe.com

Let Us Know if you would like to HELP US GROW!

Here are some ways you can help make HUG Project successful at Highlands:

How would you like to help?

Support our first lettuce crop by paying $3:00 for a head of lettuce

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